eCommerce and Analytics: A Perfect Union

Take a moment to review this general knowledge article, and find out more about the benefits of augmented analytics and the importance of eCommerce analytics for your Shopify store and business. 


The Smarten Augmented Analytics solution is designed to support business users with sophisticated features and analytical functionality in an easy-to-use user interface that allows users to optimize time and professional knowledge. There is no need for complex system training or the assistance of IT, business analysts or data scientists. 


SmartenApps eCommerce Analytics for Shopify is founded on the Smarten solution with all the features you will need to quickly and easily analyze your customers, your products, your sales, and the opportunities and issues you need to understand. You get all of this with a seamless login and registration process that allows you to leverage your knowledge of Shopify and  get the results you need from an integrated analytics solution. Within minutes, users can see Shopify eCommerce data in Smarten with prebuilt analytics templates.


With Smarten eCommerce Analytics for Shopify, users gain insight into data in a unique and meaningful way! The app provides the value of analytics integration and fact-based decision-making.


Accredited by Gartner and recognized for its intuitive, easy-to-use analytics, Smarten offers stunning visualization, dynamic charts and graphs and key performance indicators (KPIs) metrics to help you sustain a competitive edge.


Smarten goes far beyond Visual Analytics tools that simply monitor data. The Smarten app reimagines analytics with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards that dive deep into data, drill down and through data and allow users to interact with data to make data-driven decisions.  


Curious about how SmartenApps and out-of-the-box analytics can help you? Take a look!


Smarten eCommerce Analytics for Shopify provides value out-of-the-box with vital eCommerce dashboards and reports to manage business health and identify opportunities to expand and grow your eCommerce business. It provides sales reports, sales trends and sales contribution, advanced key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics to reveal Customer Lifetime value (LTV), Customer Cohorts, Customer Loyalty and Product Cross Sell.


Enjoy a 14-day free trial, after which you can continue to experience the value and benefits SmartenApps eCommerce Analytics for Shopify with one of three flexible pricing plans (Silver, Gold and Platinum) to suit your needs.


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