It only takes a minute to get started! Install SmartenApps eCommerce Analytics for Shopify and enjoy all the benefits of analytics in moments with seamless login and registration! Follow these simple steps to install SmartenApps. And, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team if you need assistance.


Step 1: Install Smarten – eCommerce Analytics for Shopify


There are two options for installing Smarten – eCommerce Analytics for Shopify. 

Option 1: Install from SmartenApps

Option 2: Install from Shopify Marketplace 


Option 1: Install from SmartenApps


Complete required information using Store Name. 

Option 2: Install from Shopify Market Place


Search: ‘Smarten’ keyword 

Choose: Smarten: eCommerce Analytics 






Click on Add App button to install Smarten: eCommerce Analytics 

Step 2: Press Install button 

User will be directed to Shopify store using credentials provided. System will ask to allow permissions for SmartenApps.

Select 'Install App' from screen, as displayed above.

Step 3: Preparing Dashboards 


System will fetch data from Shopify store, and start to prepare dashboards.

Step 4: View Your Analytics and Dashboards 


Dashboards are prepared and you can view details.


1. Sales Overview

Overview of Sales Performance including the number of orders, Average Order Value per Customer, Gross Amount, Net Amount, Total Sales, Discount, Shipping and Taxes.


2. Daily Sales Trends

KPIs, Daily, Weekly and Cumulative Sales to manage and monitor performance.

3. Sales

Analyze Sales by Products, Brands, City-Country, Order Status and sources with all having detailed report attached to it.

4. Customers Dashboard

Track KPIs by Customers, Maximum Orders, Average Customer Order, Customer Values and Customers with Most Returns.

5. Customer Life Time Value

Group marketing and demography subjects to reveal characteristics and reflect spending for a period of time or a customer type or group.

6. Customer Loyalty

Analyze customers based on number of orders, and time period of purchases to identify inactive, lay on the line, loyal, firm, anticipating, leaving and new customers.

7. Product Cross Sales

Reveals products frequently bundled by customers, the maximum products sold in combinations and number of times they are purchased together.

8. Customer Repurchase

Track days between multiple orders for the customers and how many orders have been placed in a month.

9. Reports

The following is a list of the analytical reports that can be generated, based on the data in your Shopify system. 


  • Sales by Country-City 
  • Sales by Brands 
  • Sales by SKUs
  • Sales by Customers 
  • Sales by Sources 
  • Sales by Order Status
  • Sales by Orders 
  • Lifetime values (Cohort) Report 
  • Product Cross Sell 
  • Loyalty Details 
  • Repurchase Rate 


That's it! You're done! 


Please contact our Support Team if you need assistance.